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The Book Of Eli

The New Year comes with some brand new movie and the year 2010 comes with the movie of impending doom, The book of Eli is in a post apocalyptic setting in which all of humanity is struggling to survive, pockets of humanity barely survive and the whole picture is very gruesome.

The main actor is the one and only Denzel Washington who plays the role of Eli, a 30+ year old man that lived throw the great apocalypse, suggested later as a nuclear war that decimated everything, him being a rarity since most of the “elders” died of radiation or the other dangers that now inhabit the new lands like: cannibals, raiders, new diseases, lack of clean water all around dangers.

As you can imagine the people that survived started to make new colonies but nothing was organized and clan wars were inevitable. One such clan was from a small town with the chieftain Gary Oldman playing the role of Carnegie, who himself was a survivor and had knowledge of the world before. He was bent on obtaining a book, calling it The Book, no one than The Bible, because he knew that the book contained powerful words that had always rounded up people for whatever cause the wielder desired. He believed having the book gave him the power to unite all the small pockets under his rule. Fortune has it that the book was in possession of Eli, who was traveling east with a certain purpose that wasn’t discussed at the beginning.

So in start you will see Eli traveling and fighting raiders with no certain purpose than just staying alive. The real action unfolded when he entered the town of Carnegie and one accident led to another and so on until they discovered he had the book they desired. Eli, bent on keeping the book to fulfill his purpose fought his way throw a series of pumped out action scenes.

I won’t spoil more of this movie but what i can tell you is that it’s a movie worth watching the acting is top notch and the post apocalyptic settings are really well done and contribute to the immersion in the whole picture. Also the plot takes very dramatic turns and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the action is not linear and there is always a surprise set in motion by Eli.

The contribution of Denzel Washington was also very good since all focus is on him the entire movie and he plays his role very well, nothing less from an actor of his caliber. All in all I recommend this movie to everyone that wants more than an action movie since here they will find a very interesting story as well and solid acting alike.

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