Surrogates Poster

Surrogates Poster

Have you ever noticed that a good SF movie will make you wonder at the end “What if ?” that plot is possible , that plot may happened. Well, I’m here to tell you that Surrogates is one of that movies that is 100% on the spot and its a clear picture of where we are heading towards at this rhythm. The movie depicts a near future in witch the world is a much better place , low crime rates , no more minority persecution and everyone looks perfect. But you may ask at what price ? Well that is a very high one , the price of our souls, it turns out that by using more and more advance equipments we finally turned out full attention and at a certain point researchers reached a point in witch they were able to make robots , perfect copies of ourself or “our dream self”, being manipulated by us while we sit at home in the safety of our room. It may not seem a big thing at the moment but as the movie unfolds we also see the bad part of being stripped of everything natural … everyone being a fake copy , a lie as you may say. The movies cast is a well knows one with names as Bruce Willis , James Cromwell , Ving Rhames and a lot more ; as you probably figures Bruce Willis is the main character , he plays a FBI detective investigating a freak accident involving the destruction of surrogates. But as they go forward with the investigation they soon find the operators of those surrogates dead, turning it from a accident to a possible homicide.

The most interesting part is that until then the death of a operator was unthinkable, since almost all people on earth had a surrogate this would be a very bad outcome if the technology would fall into the wrong hands. The movie follows Willis and his relentless effort in catching the culprit , the movie having a bit of everything in it but not excelling at any point. The plot is somewhat nice and you can see that the directors really wanted to put more in this but they just didn’t match up with the different styles they were used to. From the start Willis is beginning a journey from the totally surrogate dependent man to beginning to doubt that they are good for us until a final stage when he realizes that its a lie he was living and he discards his surrogate. At the final step of his journey he will be put into a position that he will have the power to “save” humankind as he knows it or to shape everything and give the humans the potability of experiencing the world yet again throw their own eyes and not by a machines.

All in all this is a good movie to watch and it offers a glimpse of what is to come, I am sure that the future depicted here in this movie is one that will happened. Its not a possibility its just a matter of time , of when it will happened.


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