Sherlock Holmes

Director Guy Richie was on the top 5 of my favorite movie makers of all time, but now after releasing the new title Sherlock Holmes he deserves the place on number 3. His new movie is a blast and appealing from all points of view; first of all the most perfect is the actors chosen for the roles: the movie stars with Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. John Watson, noticeable are the villains also played by Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood. With such a cast and many more others, the movie will be appealing to all the skeptics out there. The movie starts with the capture of Lord Blackwood after a series of occult related crimes; in a series of action packed scenes they finally apprehend the villain that is finally imprisoned and awaiting the death penalty. It is good to notice that the whole way the movie was based and the action scenes are totally different from what you would expect and it’s in the best way possible; Sherlock Holmes is very cold and calculated man that thinks every battle like a chess one with several moves in advance; he visualizes the battle before it starts and does exactly how he imagined every time to the last detail. In contrast with that Dr. Watson is a more temperate man that acts on impulse and is more “muscle” in the duo they play out, each other completing themselves as a whole.

Returning to the plot, soon after the execution of Lord Blackwood there is an outbreak of crimes done in the same matter, and to put even more doubt, the lord’s grave is blasted away and people claim he rose from the dead. To make the movie even more intense, we get a insight into Sherlock’s personal feelings for Rachel McAdams playing as Irene Adler, the only person that ever tricked him and got away; it’s a tight and tense relationship they have and only adds up to the whole feeling of the movie. The whole atmosphere is just right and the feeling of the old London is perfectly set up, add to this the continuous riddles and mysteries attached with action scenes in the entire movie is just perfect. Out of all the elements I must say that Robert Downey Jr. has the most praise here along with Jude Law, the duo feel very “real” adding a lot to the overall feeling and the acting is top notch, even nominated to 2 Oscars, thing to take into consideration. All in all this is a top movie full with action and it is definitely one that will keep you glued to the screen for the entire time. This is a MUST have in every movie enthusiasts home.

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