Duncan Jones, when you hear this name it might not ring any bells but the new comer director really made a outstanding movie with Moon. It is certainly a very different movie from more then one point of view, making it in that special movie that will stick to you. The movie starts by showing us the state of the world in the near future and its new found power supply, non polluted and vast knows as Helium 3, but the thing is that its on the moon, so we quickly get thrown in the moon base of the Lunar corporation (the company that farms helium 3) next to its soul resident Sam Bell, who his 3 years shift is about to end and he can go back to earth to be reunited with his family. His only interaction is with a computer Gerty who is pretty straight forward and helps around the base. In the first part you will be set in a pressing environment and the atmosphere is very hard pressing on you giving you a sense of what life would be thousands of miles away from any human contact. You see how Sam Bell is eagerly awaiting to leave for Earth and be reunited with his love one. But soon a normal routine check of a harvester turns out bad and Sam gets in a accident and stuck in a rover; after that he wakes up in the medical bay next to Gerty. At this point you can see that something isn’t right and Sam also is getting curious how he got out of the accident area and got in the bay, and his curiosity is more that he can stand and he quickly improvises a route to the accident area only to find a person there still in the cabin of th moon rover. He gets him to the sick bay fast but he soon gets a sock when he sees that he is actually carrying himself.

At this point the mind game begins, and the movie really set it apart the the approach that it takes, and shows how one is 3 years older and one just “fresh”. They soon realize that one of them is a clone and there is something terribly wrong with that. There are much more things that turn out and I would really suggest you see this movie if your sick of all the hollywoodian movies out there and want a taste of something different and a original idea, also the atmosphere makes the whole movie worth watching but beware don’t expect any final action scene or cool battles, you will be disappointed, this movie explores a state of mind of what it would be if you found out that your whole life is a lie. In all aspects the director made a very good first step in becoming well known and making is own style movies, good luck to him and we await more.


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