District 9

2009 was a average year for movies with good one and bad ones, especially bad ones , probably due to the the state of economy but out of all the movies made , on is standing tall above them all; that is District 9, directed by Neill Blomkamp the picture is a landmark and wonderful icon for making a really good, well built movie that has a bit of everything and although being a SF movie you wont feel anything exaggerated and out of the ordinary in a possible situation like the one presented here.

The director makes a perfect movie by slowly introducing you in the world he crated in a very different way that you may be used to; at first you may think its a boring movie or nothing is there to keep you watching but as the movie progresses you find yourself more and more captivated by the story and wanting to find out more of what going on until the final stage at the end when you feel that you really want to see more , you really want to see the squeal.

District 9

District 9

Without further a due I will start by telling you that the movie depicts a possible scenario in the near future where a giant spaceship arrives to earth in Johannesburg, South Africa. After the world was socked and terrified we saw that the spaceship just stood there and pretty much did nothing, so after a period of waiting humankind decided to enter there by force only to discover a whole population of “alien bug’s” that was living in there and they were running out of food and also having some illness there. So the world decided to relocate them to the ground in a refugee camp that later became District 9.

Withing 20 years this district got wider and more populated and humans became more aggressive to them because they didn’t appear to be of any help to humans, no miracle of long life , no space travel , no unlimited power supplies. As in every district here in D9 there were the same problems as prostitution between races, illegal dealing, and many more problems so they decided to move the whole population in a single new district that was better guarded and only for bugs so a multi national corporation is put in charge of relocation the whole population , Multi-National United with Wikus in charge of the whole operation. Wikus played by Sharlto Copley, new comer on the big screen playe to role very good and was defenetly a good choice for this role.

Wikus in the relocation operation gets in contact with a strange chemical and from there everything goes downhill and things get from bad to worse. Its also the point in the movie when you get more and more interested by the action and get really captivated of what will happened next. I wont spoil more then that but I warmly recommend this movie to everyone willing to see something different from the usually SF movie or action thriller, its a masterpiece that you aren’t allowed to miss.


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