The Devils Tomb

It has been a while since and discussed about a horror movie not to mention one that has Cuba Gooding Jr as its main actor but here it goes, it seems like 2009 brought us such a title called The Devils Tomb. While the name is a bit cheese it represent the movie entirely, no metaphors here it’s exactly the real deal, the movie core story is based upon the finding of this tomb which is investigated by the us government and a lot more undercover ops. The excitement starts when the team sent to investigate the tomb gets lost and all contact with them is broken, this is when Cuba’s team is called to see what might be the problem.

The movie looks and feels cheap and the normal “Hollywood Movie” made by the dozen, something like buy one get 6 free … 🙂 no , but enough with the jokes and in all fairness the movie feels cheap from the start right up to the end. It is a bit odd since I would have awaited something more from Cuba, considering him a good actor; now the director tries to get some spark in the movie and forms a story around the main character with random flashbacks about a past incident which is unclear at the starts but it will unfold by the end.

The Devil's Tomb

So where were we , ah yes the team will be sent to the facility where a unknown force of diabolical powers starts to convert and kill one by one the team members, using their lust and desires or past troubles to kill each member. Even the horror parts are badly made, like all horror movies now instead of building suspense and keeping the audience on its toes the movie rather disgusts and horrifies the public with gore things and keeping a ongoing atmosphere and events that depict disgusting acts. So the movie doesn’t scare you by the story nor by the happening but throw the gore level and disgusting rituals which again in my opinion is a big minus, but now-a-days it’s all the same story so we can’t really complain since the director followed the movie industry guide of “how to make a movie” by the book.

You will see the team batteling some aerie monsters and dark angels by the end of the movie and some good action parts but they all gather about 5 minutes and the movie has about one hour and 30 minutes … so in all sincerity at the end of this movie you will probably yell for your hour lost of your life on this movie. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under no circumstances since it’s in my book as a failed movie and a deep minus to Cuba Gooding Fr movie acting selection.

Runtime: 90 mins
Genre: Action/Adventure
Starring: Jason Connery, Cuba Gooding, Taryn Manning, Henry Rollins
Director: Jason Connery
Writer: Keith Kjornes


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