Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly start as 40 year old guys in the comedy Step Brothers. The movie tries to show a difficult situation in which 2 sons that are 40 years old fail to launch on their own and stick to their adolescent life’s, unemployed and pretty much a failure life. The comedy itself is very pleasant to watch and some of the parts of the movie really seem true, but yet again some are really farfetched. The enjoyable part is that the 2 actors play their part really good and from the start you will be able to see them in both their lifestyles and throw their parents acquaintance they will become step brothers. At first they are reluctant to be brothers but after a few incidents they become best friends and thus the adventure starts, that’s when you have the feeling you would like also to do some of the things they are doing and just let yourself go sometimes and be a kid again.
The movie shows a very important side also because it has a fundamental issue at hand, that of being able to do something with your life no matter how old you are , and as in the movie at the end they are able to get a job and live by their self’s . You will definitely enjoy this comedy !

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