Role Models

Here we have a comedy with ours truly Seann William Scott as Wheeler  and Paul Rudd as Danny Donahue, the perfect combo , one is a loose cannon of parties and sex and the other is one of the biggest pessimist out there with all his will to live gone down the drain. These two guys work for an energizer drink company that has a campaign thorough out schools and the 2 main actors are the ones that need to visit each school to educate the good side of their drinks and bad side of drugs. While Wheeler is more than pleased with his life style and nonstop parties and new girls each time, Danny who has a girlfriend for years feels that there is a big gap in his life and he is caught up into something he dislikes and will never be able to rise above it.

The fun start when Danny decides “What the hell!” and loses his mind and runs from a toe company, by doing so landing in a school statue, destroying private property and being sued. Because none of them want to spend time in jail they get the judge to agree on 150 hours of community service at a local house helping children that do not fit in the community. This turns out to be the biggest twist here since; the 30 year old guys are more than boys they got to attend. Wheeler gets a child with a bossy attitude and a very big mount while Danny gets a child that, even thaw he is at a certain age when he should be socializing with other kids and attending parties, he is fixated on a fairy land fantasy with dungeons and dragons and everything in between. Both kids are very “special” in their own way and while Wheeler’s kid gets fond of his very fast due to the fact that he also admires ladies, Danny’s kid has a harder time adjusting and trying to convert his mentor to join the ranks of his fairy land warriors.

Role Models, The Movie

Role Models, The Movie

The movie is pleasant to watch with the whole family and as any family movie there is a lesson to learn, you will see as the story unwinds that both main characters, Danny and Wheeler learn from the kinds how they themselves have forgotten, how to have fun, how to bee themselves, how is it to feel appreciated, and most of all how is it to be loved and admired by others. 

The entire movie really shows you a pleasant hour and a half of decent jokes and events that are pleasant to watch with the whole family present.

Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 42 mins
Genre: Comedies
Theatrical Release:Nov 7, 2008
Box Office: $67,266,300

Starring: Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jane Lynch
Director: David Wain
Screenwriter: David Wain, Paul Rudd, Ken Marino, Tim Dowling, W. Blake Herron
Producer: Mary Parent, Scott Stuber, Luke Greenfield
Composer: Craig Wedren
Studio: Universal Pictures

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