Paul McGuigan introduces us into the world of the paranormal, with the sci-fi thriller Push; the story begins from the time the Second World War was ongoing and  the Nazis were conducting experiments on people to make the stronger, better and deadlier. While the war ended the experiments didn’t and thus throw out the ages one government took the place of another and the experiments were always running and keeps under strict secret. There were several types of powers the people got from these experiments like: Sniffers they can touch and smell a object and tell his full history, where it has been in what hands has it been and everything about it from the day it was made and touched by someone; they were excellent at tracking humans. Bleeders were the ones that could emit a high pitch noise that disrupted everything and could kill you in a matter of seconds by destroying everything inside you and causing internal bleeding.

Watcher they could see the future, either premonitions or full things that happened in the future, although the tiniest change could make the biggest change there were still watchers that could see very well the future and predict it. Healers, self explanatory; Movers could be explained as telekinesis and finally but not least Pusher’s they were the ones that could put thoughts in your mind and make them appear as they were your own. With all these powers they were still hunted down like animals by the government cells called Divisions, the reason behind this is that they wanted to boost the powers of the ones that already have them to create a super army, but each subject failed and died after the “treatment” with the drug designed to boost they powers; until a certain subject survived: Camilla Belle playing as Kira Hudson (Pusher)but she manages to flee from the laboratories with the drug and starts to enlist help from her former boyfriend Chris Evans playing as Nick Gant (Mover).

Push, The Movie

Push, The Movie

The action also involves Dakota Fanning as Cassie Holmes and boy I’m was really impressed by this young lady acting, she is truly one big actor in the coming, she was brilliant in this role and for her age she can amaze even the biggest critic out there.

The 3’o Kira, Nick and Cassie will undergo some serious challenges and events being chased not only by the Division but also by the Chinese mafia who want the drug for themselves so that they can be better than the Division. The maze of lies extends and there are several twists in the story of the movie making it a bit more appealing; event thaw with all these plots the movie still lacks a lot of things and makes the movie feel like a second class one, a cheap replica of the series Heroes. There would be more to say but I guess it’s better to leave it this way and let you decide if this is a movie for you or not.

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 min 41 secs
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Theatrical Release:Feb 6, 2009 Wide
Box Office: $31,730,682

Starring: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Djimon Hounsou, Neil Jackson, Ming-Na
Director: Paul McGuigan
Screenwriter: David Bourla
Producer: William Vince, Bruce Davey
Studio: Summit Entertainment


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