Punisher : War Zone

I cannot believe that in this century producers still make these kinds of movies, shoot and run, no plot no nothing bad acting skills and even more bad lines. If you take 5 minutes to reflect the movie industry you can see that we have a typical pattern something like in the 70’s there were full of samurai movies, ninjas all fighting imported from china and Japan; in the 80’s the movies were dominated by the kind of movie we are talking now, 1 man 1 desire 1 million guns shooting at him but he always survives and kills everyone; the early 90’s there was a refined version of the superhero who now usually was a policeman with a troubled past … and so on until they figure out that a movie needs to have as much realism in it and true story to be appealing to the public and have a chance at a Oscar.

Sadly our movie although its produces in 2008 I would have no trouble putting it in the 80’s category. The main character is Frank Castle an outlaw, a kind of vigilante that kills only mobsters and doesn’t respond to any law, and asi said he kills 20-30 guys at a time while they are shooting at him. The director tried to make a soft part for the character, when he raided a mob house he killed a gang member who turned out to be a FBI undercover man, but the actor plays such a bad part acting he is sorry, and I doubt anyone could play it better because simply the character isn’t supposed to feel anything from the way he kills his adversaries. 

Punisher: War Zone Movie

Punisher: War Zone Movie

The movie gets from bad to worse after the main character disfigures Billy Russoti, a gang lord, who afterwards makes everything possible to kill Castle but the story is so badly written and such a clisee that you wouldn’t probably last 10 min after the movie started. Same things over and over , the mobster escapes prison , he lets his younger brother out , who as you might imagine is a psycho, they try to retake the city and after a series of deals they get the arsenal for a war. As I absolutely hated this movie I won’t go into further details but this much I can tell you the biggest and probably the worst part of the movie is when vigilante Castle arrives at his hideout only to discover that its position has been compromised and one of his friend is lying on the ground with a AXE in his chest, yes he was still alive , although that axe is exactly in the heart location. As if this wasn’t enough the dialog that followed was a big laughter , after pulling the axe from his chest Castle says to the guy “Don’t you die on me !” … I have no further things to add you can imagine what kind of movie this is.

That being said I feel that this movie should be banned from commercial especially for this century, instead being placed on those 80’s stand movies .

Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 47 mins
Genre: Action/Adventure
Theatrical Release:Dec 5, 2008 Wide
Box Office: $7,948,159

Starring: Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Doug Hutchison, Colin Salmon, Wayne Knight
Director: Lexi Alexander
Screenwriter: Matthew Holloway, Art Marcum, Nick Santora, Kurt Sutter, Lexi Alexander
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd, Avi Arad
Composer: Christopher Franke
Studio: Lions Gate Films

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