Ping Pong Playa

Ethnic jokes are always used in comedy movies and this movie is no exception. It refers to a young child that wants to pursue his dream of becoming a basketball star, the only hitch is that he is Chinese and lacks the height, talent and skill. He speaks like he is a “brother” from the streets and has all the bad parts of a multicultural country, but due to a series of accidents he is being put in charge of his parents ping pong class. At first he is being very difficult with the matter but as time passes he gets attached to the children there and they start to help each other. The main plot is around a Ping Pong contest in which Cristopher, the main character will undertake to uphold the honor of the Chinese as the best ping pong players in the world. The movie is very funny throw the situations it places its main characters and throw the silly conversations that occur. It is a “light” movie enjoyable with the whole family that ultimately teaches some family values that all of us should remember, family comes first.


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