Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

After a long wait here it is, the sequel of Madagascar, Escape 2 Africa in which the spoiled and pampered animals from the New York City Zoo try to escape the island of Madagascar in a airplane made by the penguin squad. As you can imagine things do not go according to plan and the home made plane takes them to a new adventure instead of New York …. , and that new adventure is located in Africa. Here at first glance it’s heaven all friends realized that this is their natural home place.

Each of the character soon fell in different groups and have the time of their life; Alex the Lion finds his natural parents and he is being welcomed in the family with open arms and all animals rejoice; Marty the Zebra finds a herd just like him, being rejoiced with happiness of finding more of his fellow kind; Melman the Giraffe for the first time feels useful and is being charged and Witch Doctor of all the giraffes being finally  treated with respect and admiration and Gloria the Hippo joins her kind and quickly gets courted by a male hippo who is a very impressive site and the king of the pond. But soon everything goes bad and each of them encounter their problems Alex becomes Alekai  as his birth name but he fails at “The rite of passage” and gets banished from the herd also disgracing his father and stripping him of the position as leader of the herd, Marty soon gets bored of all the companions around him and soon realizes that he isn’t that special each of them are exactly like the other and can imitate almost everything that the other do, thus he has a personality crisis and gets very depressed. Same goes for Melman who finds out that he has a very short time to live , even thaw the reasons are completely childish he still believes that and with that dies out all his hopes and wishes and Gloria see’s the male hippo for what he truly is a mindless pack of muscles that cannot show ani kind of affection and he just wants her for her body.

Also another crisis hits the animal this time all of them when their water source runs out, this is the turning point in the movie when all of them discover that what they really needed was not new friends but the old ones who were always there for them, thus Alex help Marty by assuring him that he is truly unique from 1 million other zebras, Melman and Gloria fall in love and both realize that they needed each other all along and Alex gets the help needed to save the day and clear his name of shame by bringing the water again into the reservation.

Of course the movie is swell with many surprises installed but I will not spoil ani more and will let you watch it for yourself and see, hear and get a big laugh with the penguin squad that always rises up for the comedy part.

All in all Madagascar  Escape 2 Africa is a wonderful movie to watch and enjoy with the whole family which teaches the children in way or another some basic principles of friendship.

Rated: PG for some mild crude humor
Runtime: 89 mins
Genre: Childrens
Theatrical Release:Nov 7, 2008 Wide
Box Office: $179,851,203

Starring: Alec Baldwin
Screenwriter: Tom McGrath, Etan Cohen
Producer: Mireille Soria
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Studio: Dreamworks SKG

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