The movie starts in 1959 at an elementary school in which a contest in organized to honor the birthday of the director. All the kinds had an assignment to draw or write what they believe the world would look in 50 years time, all their letters being sealed in a so called “time capsule” and berried underground only to be dug up by future student in 50 years time. From the start we encounter a troubled young lady that wrote down on her assignment a series of numbers. From here the whole movie gets a thriller glow to it. You will be on edge with the whispers and characters popping in and out without any much explanation on who they are, where they are from, what they want … The next phase of the movie depicts action after 50 years of the event, exactly in the day the student unlock the “time capsule” where Caleb Koestler gets the letter from the girl with the wall of text. Immediately a weird noise settles in just like the one the girl used to had , but the young boy quickly dismisses it and goes home with his father John Koestler played by Nicolas Cage.

Knowing, The Movie

Knowing, The Movie

The action only now begins to unwind when  John stumbles upon the letter and out of boredom take some numbers from it and googled them , only to discover that they are dates of incidents throw out the world and at different time intervals all solded with huge loss of life. He then sees a pattern on the paper and slowly links all the dates of major incidents to the piece of paper and the numbers there. He tries to explain it to several friends but no one is keen of his idea and they think that he is losing his mind due to the loss of his wife a few years ago, also on the paper there were still some numbers left unexplained fact witch further everyone’s doubt on the authenticity of the paper. Thus on his way home on the highway he gets a idea while seeing the navigation system and figures out that the extra numbers were actually coordinates on the globe , for the exact spot on which the vent was going to happened. And John figures this out not a moment too soon because the next calamity was a few feet from him, he barely managed to escape. From this point he enlists the help of Diana Wayland and Abby the daughter and granddaughter of the original writer of the letter.

I think I spoiled enough until this point, what you can expect further is a series of events that will undoubtedly make you wonder “What if …?” The movie is not one that I would recommend to watch with the family since it has more than a few thriller scenes in with I would say it’s inappropriate for children. Also the story and the ending is a bit farfetched and if you saw When the Earth Stood Still you will probably wonder what is with the increasing movies on that basis , otherwise it was ok but still nothing special for the year 2009 so far , and still nothing special from Nicholas Cage.

Rated: PG-13
Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy
Theatrical Release:Mar 20, 2009 Wide
Box Office: $79,209,705

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Ben Mendelsohn, Terry Camilleri
Director: Alex Proyas
Studio: Summit Entertainment

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