G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra

Action, action and even more action, that’s how I can describe G.I Joe in simple words for anyone to understand. Basically Joe’s were a elite special unit of highly trained man and womens from all over the world to be called for extreme and urgent situations that demanded more then the local forces can handle. The movie starts with a scene from the past in the year 1641 in France where Scotsman Klan McCullen is being held in a dungeon and awaiting to be judged for the crime of selling weapons to both sides in a war. Centuries after we have James McCullen owner of a multi national corporation of weapons, at a conference displaying their new invention of nano weapons warheads that were of immense power in destroying anything in their path but also very easy to switch on/off with a switch.


The NATO representatives there were so pleased with the weapon that they ordered 4 warhead to be ready for them. At this point its where the action starts, as a highly armed convoy takes the 4 warhead from the base to escort them to their designated position, they are being attacked by a far superior adversary that practically destroys the whole convoy leaving 2 survivors Marlon Wayans as Ripcord and Channing Tatum as Duke. In the middle of the battle the 2 marines saw that one of the bad guys is actually Dukes former wife Baroness played by Sienna Miller, shortly after the Joes arrive at the spot and save the day. So with all that altercation the 2 marines get to be enlisted by General Hawk played by Dennis Quaid for a series of test to determine if they got what it takes to be Joe’s. You can imagine that they passed every single test with top scores all around and they got in the team very fast placing them in the best team available. In that time McCullen is revealed to be the mastermind of the whole plan to steal the nano warheads and use them for a new global order. The movie from there takes a whole bunch of turns from bad to good and vice versa. The movie itself has a lot of special effects used and packed scenes full of action, it that way its a pretty straight on film and don’t expect any deep story or things like that because you will be disappointed. Although the story itself its the basic plot like in every action movie the ending is quite a interesting one, and the turn of event’s sets the spot for a sequel as the president of the United States has a “surprise” installed for the world.

I would recommend this film to any action movie seeking enthusiast viewer out there that wants to see 2 hours of non stop fights and action scenes.


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