Crossing Over

Hello fellow movie enthusiasts, it looks like 2009 brings us with the first surprise of the year, or at least for me, with the title called Crossing Over a modern drama that follows alongside multiple views and cases on how America handles with foreign people now-a-days.

The movie follows with 3 different lines the action : first is the illegal immigrants from Mexico , second are illegal immigrants from Australia and a Jew and last but not least the Israeli people  and very much how they are treated now after the 9/11 incident. The movie excels at telling these 3 stories and all have not just a main line but it’s more like a complex tree with all its branches running out in every direction, so you will undoubtedly be drawn if not by one story the other will gather your attention. Also another fact worth mentioning are the big and impressive cast of the movie with such actors like Harrison Ford and Ashley Jud and not to mention Ray Liotta.

The first story is about Harrison Ford who is a policeman working for immigrations but as you will see he is probably the worst person for that job since he puts way to much feeling and heart in what he does and always gets personally involved in helping immigrants, from the start he involuntary helps a lady that got deported by bringing her son to Mexico to his house, where he is greeted by the boys grandparents. The side story of this would be the life and customs of his partner which is from Israel also this story is full of intrigue and very well made. The second story is about Ashley Jud who is an Australian immigrant who overstayed her legal period of time and was now trying to get somehow a legal status in the country so she can pursue her dream of becoming a famous actress. She meets Ray Liotta in an accident and from there sparks a very unpleasant and intrigue affair, more like a business proposal.

Crossing Over, The Movie

Crossing Over, The Movie

I will not go into further details so I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will tell you also about the 3rd story which is about how minorities are treated now in America, especially if your Muslim, as depicted in the movie since the 9/11 incident they had being enduring a very harsh punishment that wasn’t always fair, in which they need to be very careful of what they say it and how they say it, especially when some words written have the power to lead to them being exported  to their country after living in America for over 13 years. All these stories will reveal more and more branches of side stories and also at a certain point they will all interconnect thus the name of the movie gets life and you will understand the name choice, a point in which you will understand why this is a good and very well made movie.

All in all from my point of view this is one of the best dramas that I saw for this year and confronts us with real problems and real stories from our day to day life that should concern us more and aware of the problems out there and also make more understanding of what real problems consists of.

Hope you enjoy it!

Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 53 mins
Genre: Dramas
Theatrical Release:Feb 27, 2009 Limited
Box Office: $402,469

Starring: Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Cliff Curtis, Jim Sturgess, Alice Eve, Alice Braga, Justin Chon
Director: Wayne Kramer
Screenwriter: Wayne Kramer
Producer: Frank Marshall, Wayne Kramer, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Composer: Mark Isham
Studio: Weinstein Company


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