Body of Lies

And the director Ridley Scott  wants’ to amazes us once again but this time with a modern thriller packed with action and drama also. The main plot revolves around agent Roger Ferris who is a CIA covert agent whose main purpose is to search and obtain information about terrorist’s whereabouts or any other information that might save lives.

The movie excels at several things , facts about life about religion and also about cultural differences , in the movie you can see how the terrorists operate and how they communicate , how they outsmart all of the 21 century  computers and electronics and keep a simple life keep everything handed down from man to man.

Even if it may seem rudimentary it is the best way to keep of the CIA radar and escape being traced. The main villain is Al-Saleem who is like a ghost and never made a mistake for several years, that’s why he became a top priority list when more and more attacks sprouted in Europe. Agent Roger and his boss in the USA , Ed Hoffman devised a plan to lure Al-Saleem out by introducing a fake faction of terrorists betting on Al-Saleems will to meet whoever has the nerves to blow up a US military base. But for their plan to work they need to enlists the help of the Chief of Jordanian Intelligence, Hani Salaam. This is a man with a fearsome reputation but as Agent Roger is well educated and also speaks Iraqi an leaves a very good impression and they start a collaboration based on trust that both sides will share ani information that they gather in completing this task.

As you can imagine things go a bit south when the CIA decides to withheld information that leads to the compromise of the whole operation. The actors chosen for the movie excel at their roles , and once again Leonardo DiCaprio proves he is well fit even for a serious role like this (Roger Ferris) ,another well known actor Russell Crowe plays the role of Rogers boss Ed Hoffman and especially Mark Strong in the role of Hani Salaam who’s role fits him like a glove.

The movie really shows life in Iraq as it is, very strange to us, very short in some times when you can get killed by simply being a bystander or by being suspected of anything … this from both parts, from the law and another from the terrorists. So in one word the world there is very chaotic and you are never certain of the life of tomorrow. Even so the director didn’t want to make from the main character a ruthless agent , so he made him fall in love with Golshifteh Farahani playing as a nurse called Aisha. Their love is odd because the cultural difference is big and acceptance in a country like that is hard especially for an American, so agent Roger has a lot of challenges to be able to cope.  

Ridley Scott created a movie with all aspects that you want to find in a good movie , action , drama , thriller and he managed to make it feel very real and by doing so he pulled of a excellent movie that I gladly recommend to everyone.

Runtime: 2 hrs 9 mins
Genre: Dramas
Theatrical Release:Oct 10, 2008 Wide
Box Office: $39,380,442

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Golshifteh Farahani, Oscar Isaac, Simon McBurney
Director: Ridley Scott
Screenwriter: William Monahan
Producer: Donald DeLine, Ridley Scott
Composer: Marc Streitenfeld
Studio: Warner Bros.

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