American Gangster (2007) Movie Review

Frank Lucas becomes the number one Heroin shipper in Manhattan. He buys the drugs from South East Asia and somehow imports them to the United States. His prices are cheaper and more drugs get bought which gives him a spot in the New York Mafia. The movie is based on a true story, I would give it a 7.5/10.

Genre: Dramas
Starring: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Josh Brolin, Chjwetel Ejiofor, Carla Gugino
Director: Ridley Scott
Screenwriter: Steve Zallian
Producer: Brian Grazer, Ridley Scott
Composer: Marc Streitenfeld

Rated: R for violence, pervasive drug content and language, nudity and sexuality.
Runtime: 2 hrs 37 mins
Theatrical Release: Nov 2, 2007 Wide
Box Office: $130,127,620

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