Street Kings

Is a police thriller directed by David Ayer. Tom Ludlow ( Keanu Reeves ) is a veteran LAPD Vice Detective what is trying to find the killers of his friend detective Terrance Washington ( Terry Crews ). Ludlow is just after his wife death and is very uncontrollable by his superiors.

Quote from the movie:

Thug Kim: Konnichiwa is Japanese. It’s insulting to Koreans.
Tom Ludlow: How am I supposed to tell if you can’t?
Thug Kim: Fuck that’s supposed to mean, white boy?
Tom Ludlow: It means you’ve got eyes like apostrophes, you dress white, talk black, and drive Jew. So how am I supposed to know what kind of zipper-head dog-munching dick you are if you don’t?

Genre: Dramas
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker
Director: David Ayer
Screenwriter: James Ellroy, Kurt Wimmer
Producer: Erwin Stoff, Alexandra Milchan, Lucas Foster

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