Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

The universe of Sacred has once more been resurrected with the prequel Fallen Angel which takes place 2,000 years before the events of Sacred and at 3 DVD you got to wonder how much did they put into this game.
Well I can honestly say that this game has a lot to offer starting from the top we meet up with a new engine with physics effects witch give it a amazing look and feel for the player. Beside the classical look “Hack and slash like diablo” it offers also with the new engine a new perspective either view like a 3rd person action game or far away perspective, I recommend both since the detail of the levels are so well made you will always have yourself zooming to have a closer look at something.
The main campaigns are that of Light and Shadow and with 6 different Classes to choose from, certain classes will be limited to one side of the campaign only. The campaign choosing of light and shadow will influence the last and ultimate goal that they have to reach.
That being said let’s see the classes Seraphim is the new class from Fallen Angel , she can only take the path of the Light and it resembles a Female Angel , Shadow Warrior an elite warrior, returned to life against his will after his death on the battlefield , High Elf : A student of magic, freshly emerged from the academy ready to explore the world and expand her knowledge , Dryad : Adept at ranged combat, nature magic and voodoo, Temple Guardian : Cyborg canine creature – adept at the mechanical and technological arts , Inquisitor : He embodies all that is evil, therefore can only play the Shadow path.

You can also acquire like in the other parts mounts; the only difference now is that every class has its own class mount that can be acquired throw a chain quest. But be careful the producers made a HUGE amount of quests there in which 100 Campaign quests with more than 1000 side quests to choose from so you might get a bit overwhelmed if you don’t take the game step by step. The game is very well built and the companies sales (over 2 million copies)can attest to the fact that this is a good game to have.

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