Crysis 2 – Upcoming on 2010 Holiday

Crytek, just released a new trailer for Crysys 2, the new sequel of the Crysis serie. It seems, Crysis 2, will be released this year – 2010 Holiday for PC, PS3, Xbox360. Crytek tried to avoid another game in the jungle and set the main action of this sequel in a “evacuated New York” after it was invaded and infested aliens. With the new engine, Cryengine 3, all city scape can be destroyable. Game should be much better than the oldest releases because in a city scape you can better plan the attacks and progress.

The story was completed by Richard Morgan, a british SciFi author.

Crysis 2 is based on CryEngine 3 with the following features:

Real time dynamic global illumination
Deferred lighting
Integrated vegetation & terrain cover generation system
Natural lighting & dynamic soft shadows
Motion blur & depth of field
High quality 3D water
Cascaded Light Propagation Volumes for Real Time Indirect Illumination
Interactive & destructible environment
Deformables and soft body physics
High Speed Texture Rendering
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
and more …

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