Harold & Kumar-Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Harold & Kumar-Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Fan or not of the first movie , Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg , made a excellent job in the second movie again.  While the first part “Go to White Castle”  was a good comedy the second one pick off right after their adventures  and plunges them into  a roller-coster of disasters  when they try to undergo a trip to Amsterdam with double interest , for Kumar to enjoy the beautifull life of a contry with legal marijuana and for Harold to see his newly girlfriend .

But as you can imagine they will have a series of bad accidents and they will ultimately keep you watching and enjoying this movies and every second of it. One after another their adventures takes them across America and beyond , meeting along the way the most funnies characters available  , all while being persuited by the FBI , in wich Rob Corddry plays a perfect role of a lets say “Mentaly insane” federal agent .The jokes are well put , well made and well executed  , combined with the beautifull girls , loads of drinks and pot , we have a A+ teenage adventure movie .

My personal advice is , if you like comedy movies about teenagers , pot and all the rest , this is a must see movie .

Genre: Comedies

Starring: Kal Penn, John Cho, Rob Corddry, Neil Patrick Harris, Roger Bart
Director: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
Screenwriter: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
Producer: Greg Shapiro, Nathan Kahane
Composer: George S. Clinton

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