Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Poster

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Poster

Matthew McConaughey the sexy cowboy from Hollywood stars in Ghosts of girlfriend past, a new comedy romance movie that puts a spin in the everyday life of a successful fashion photographer that is keen on having as many relationships as possible with no strings attached.

The movie depicts Connor Meads life as a photographer that has a tremendous success with beautiful, but shallow women. His life resembling Hugh Hefner’s one all because of his uncle Wayde, played by Michael Douglas, was a major playboy figure in his life and basically taught him from a young age that he should get as many women possible in his life and never get attached to anyone since that will bring only sorrow to his life.

Years have passed since uncle Wayde died and things changed, Paul (played by Breckin Meyer) ,Meads brother decided to get married so he called all his friends and his brother to the weeding rehearsals; place hold at the old Wayde mansion. Mead came only to discover that his brother was 100% sure on getting married and also seeing his old girlfriend from childhood Jenny Perotti played by Jennifer Garner. At this point not many information is thrown at you and everything seems a bit dull with nothing interesting happening, Mead being totally distant towards Jenny and really focused on not letting his brother getting married, this being the ultimate mistake in his opinion. And when you think nothing along comes… Mead gets a visit by his uncle Wayde ghost, who tells him that he will change his whole view of life and whats really important by the end of that night, putting him throw a series of events meant to change his perspective. Not believing his eyes, thinking that he had to much to drink Mead doesn’t pay to much attention to the saying of his uncles ghost until it hits him, a ghost of a girlfriend in the past came to visit him and they had a outer body experience, taking him in the past to his early starts when he wasn’t the jerk that he became.

There he relived his love for Jenny and saw that she was the world to him, she was the one that gave him his first camera, fact that made him become a photographer, and saw through the years how he ignored this love all the time and on each occasion he either didn’t had the nerves to ask her out or when he finally did it he fled away breaking Jenny’s heart.

The movie depicts a truth that many of us passed in life and sometimes we forget who the important people in our lives really are and those mistakes come out to haunt us in the future. This is what the movie tries to depict in a funny manner and spicing things up with romance, nonetheless this is a very nice movie to watch with your girlfriend and at the end tell her how much you love her 🙂 .


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