World of Goo

Have you ever heard about “out of this world” or”Thinking outside the box” well I can honestly say that this game is both and a lot more. In this era of games passing the 12 GB limit we have a new comer with a small game about 75 mb, yes as you could guess it’s a 2D game but that only adds to the pleasure. If you all can remember when Tetris first appear and other games like Lemmings games that involved using your withes for a goal, games that remained legends well this is the 2008 legend. The basic idea is that you have your Goo’s and those goo are alive and you need to use them in building complicate or simple structures to get to a certain point and save as many goo as possible. It all sounds simple but this game took into account gravity and weight and a lot more things so you won’t be able to build strait up without consequence because the astoundingly realistic physics won’t let you build weird structures that cannot support themselves. And given that the game has 48 levels you will be tight to your monitor quite a lot because the colors used are often a contrasting one that results in the most unique features available and sometimes very odd and as I already said “Out of this world”. The most impressive thing is that only 3 persons managed to do this game entirely, so their vision is quite a vast one in creating such a outstanding game. I warmly recommend it do everyone.

Check their website here World of Goo.

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