Ice Age : Dawn Of Dinosaurs

Ice Age 3 Last year we had the 3rd sequel of the series Ice Age with a whole new adventures for the fans and children alike. In this movie everything is changing for Manny he is adjusting to the family life with his spouse Ellie awaiting a baby. Sid and Diego are soon faced with the fact that the group will get disbanded and they both go their separate ways, Diego goes hunting without anyone else interfering while Sid head out to make his own herd, his own band of friends. But as you can imagine it doesn’t take long for Sid to get into trouble and after a wild slide along the snow he finds himself next to a nest of 3 really big eggs and without thinking he takes them and makes his own band giving them names and smilies faces. Off course when he brought them to Manny he immediately realized that he made a big mistake by tacking them, in a short while they hatch and hen comes a big surprise when the 3 eggs were dinosaur eggs from a Tyrannosaur Rex.

To top that in a short while their mother comes for them causing a lot of mayhem and Sid gets blamed for that also. What follows is a series of events and the introduction of a new character named Buck who was some sort of Wiesel that lived his whole life the in jungle of the dinosaurs gathering experience from them and becoming a perfect survivalist but also making his very much insane and also a really funny and entertaining character. Throughout their encounters they get once more very close to one another and their friendship gets stronger then ever; and at the top of events Ellie gives birth to the newest member and everything turns out for the best.
Ice Age 3 is like all his predecessors a nice film enjoyable with the whole family that will keep you entertained for the duration.

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