Year One

Year One

Year One

Comedy took a different approach this year with Jack Black staring in Year One as Zed exploring the tribesman life and humor along his pall Michael Cera playing Oh. Year one starts out with a bunch of tribesman hunting in the forest for food to bring to the tribe, while all the man are more then capable and do their jobs there is one that stands out most from the others destroying the hunting party and doing everything bad , he is Zed a recently promoted Hunter from the rank of gatherer, those 2 being the only 2 jobs available for ancient mans of that time.

The 2 guys Zed and Oh are downed from doubt that they are the worst looked at persons from the whole tribe and no one respects them and no one has any respect for them; until Zed decides to eat from the forbidden fruit(something like the religious story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden apple) suddenly they realized that … nothing happened and they weren’t struck by a lightning nor did they get the ancient knowledge. But Zed wanting to be more that he is insisted that he got almighty and wise thing that got him kicked out from the tribe and almost got him killed; also his friend Ah joined the adventure, a bit reluctant at first but then he got settled with the situation.

Their first bump in the road was when they encountered 2 brothers arguing in the field; one was Abel and the other Cane, and after a short while Cane killed Abel in a fight and hid the body. As Zed and Ah were witness Cane quickly made them stick around and stay with him for the period. What followed was a series of events that gradually brought Zed and Ah to several funny situations some of them really hilarious and some life threatening.

Until a certain point when they reach Sodoma and realized that the 2 beautiful girls from their tribe were captured and sold as slaves there, thats when they devised a plan to save the 2 girls,Maya and Eema and be heroes so that they can win the hears of their beloved.

Most of the second part of the movie is taking place in the walls of the Sodoma citadel and our adventurers are put into some really tough situations that will undoubtedly spark a series of laughters from your side. I really enjoy Jack Black as a comedian even tho most of his works were never that good and didn’t manage to gather the audience he might wanted but its still nice to see more comedy films out there in this world of cheesy romance when all the films feel like one another.

Watch it for some laughters and the Jack Black typical humor its worth the time.


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