The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

2010 brought us a special kind of movie, although it was the last movie of Heath Ledger (he will be missed R.I.P.) it also starred a huge variety of big names like: Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Collin Farrell and also Christopher Plummer; and the screening itself was a masterpiece for some and a total failure for others, a fact that contributed to its popularity. I for one watched it until the end as a tribute to Ledger, didn’t enjoy it very much but that is another story.

The movie follows a sideshow band working for Christopher Plummer aka Doctor Parnassus, that showed the Imaginarium, the world of dreams, where everything became a reality and Doctor Parnassus was controlling it according to his state.

Now the movie has a lot of deeper meanings and a lot of intrigues, from the start you will see that such power came at grave cost since Doctor Parnassus came to make a deal with the Devil itself, that gave him immortality but at the cost of his first born child, for when his child will turn 16 he will have to give it to the devil. His child was a daughter Valentina who helped him in the sideshow and she is soon to turn sixteen, fearing the worse the doctor makes another wager with the devil played by Tom Waits, decreeing that whoever seduces first 5 souls in the imaginarium will win the soul of Valentina also.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

In the next few moment the sideshow, who were always on the move stumble onto Tony who was left hanging from a bridge. After saving his life Valentina and Tony fall in love for each other but as little as Valentina knew that Tony was a liar and was chased after a lot of people, his identity being shrouded in mystery.

They quickly set up camp in a new place and start to put on their usual show but failed miserably to get any souls since the devil seduced them faster. Seeing that there was no way out Doctor Parnasius promised his daughter hand in marriage to whoever could help him, then Tony and his shady background came to good use since he radically changed the way the show looked and felt attracting a bunch of women there with his aura. But as fast as luck came as fast it went away when at the final soul, some Russians saw and recognized tony; seeing that he is alive they quickly ran after him, and in a minute of fear Tony entered the imaginarium.

Here is the interesting part where Tony’s past life and split personalities showed and his face changed to Collin’s ,and then Jude’s and Johnny’s also, depicting a man that had several faces, a man that could not be trusted. A series of adventures happen after this but I will leave it up to you to see the ending. The movie is quite a unique one in all its sense, I never saw a movie like this one with deeper meaning part of which gave it the aura of new to cinema. So if you want to see a interesting movie, with out of the box thinking and story you should definitely not miss this movie.


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