Aion : Towers Of Eternity II

As I promise I returned with the part II of Aion: Towers of Eternity.
You can find the first part here Aion : Towers Of Eternity I

The Abyss

The Abyss is a region of Atreia located between Elysea and Asmodae. This area is reserved for higher level characters and end-game purposes because of highly desirable items and rare resources. It is an unpredictable area, with new challenges and opportunities for victory. The Abyss also offers the best place to gain experience, since the creatures provide a greater bonus to the advancement of player characters than those found in other areas.

Both faction can enter the Abyss after level 25 when they completed a chain series quests that is pretty easy to do and very enjoyable in the end you will be able to enter this region without any further limitations. Be warned the abyss is a heavy PVP area that can be frustrating at times when you are being killed by other players from the opposite faction.

You will have also faction strongholds like these :

Elyos - Teminon Stronghold

Elyos - Teminon Stronghold

Asmodian - Primum Stronghold

Asmodian - Primum Stronghold

Here is a complete map of the Abyss

The Complete map - Abyss

The Complete map - Abyss

Abyss Structures
As already mentioned, the Abyss consists of Lower, Upper and Core sections, with each section containing monsters of varying levels. It is recommended that players level or quest in the zones appropriate to their character level. There are 9 fortresses and 31 artifacts scattered around the Abyss. Fortress and artifact siege status’ can be viewed from the ingame map. To reach the Upper Abyss, one must travel through the beam of light on either East Rateslan or West Rateslan. Travel can also be done from the teleporters inside the fortresses depending which faction owns the fortress. The Divine fortress at the core of the Abyss can be reached from the Eye of Eleshuranta in the Upper Abyss. If the core is held by either the Elyos or Asmodian factions, the teleport route to the core will be available.

The 3 levels of the Abyss:
Lower Abyss
Contains 3 Fortresses and 8 Artifacts

Aion - Lower Abyss

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Abyss Core
Contains 1 Fortress and 9 Artifacts

Aion - Abyss Core

Aion - Abyss Core

Upper Abyss
Contains 5 Fortresses and 14 Artifacts

Upper Abyss

Upper Abyss

All actions in the Abyss even if your killing a mob or killing a player or participating in a Cube(Cube =Artifacts are scattered around the Abyss and can be held by Elyos, Asmodian or Baluar forces for 24 hours. Taking over an artifacts will allow the use its hidden powers. This power is often referred to as the artifact skill. The artifact skill when activated, will affect targets surrounding the floating island which the artifact is on.) hunt or assaulting a fortress will reward you abyss points that will stack up with time and rank. All these points are valuable because they earn you certain rewards from items to craft-able items to almost anything in-game , fact that is very useful and was good thought out so that more players will participate in PVPVE.

Artifact Possession

Unlike fortresses, Artifacts can be taken over at any time. If an Artifact is occupied by the Balaur faction, an Artifact Defender will be present. The first faction(and Legion) to defeat the Artifact
Defender will take control of the Artifact. When a faction takes control of an Artifact, an Artifact
Defender NPC of that faction will spawn. As such, defeating the Artifact Defender of another
faction will allow your faction to take over the Artifact. When possessing an Artifact, there will be many other NPCs that also protect the Artifact Defender, however, only the Artifact Defender needs to be defeated in order to change ownership. After the Artifact Defender dies, all the other remaining NPCs will automatically despawn. Like the fortresses, the emblem belonging to the Legion that
possesses the Artifact will be displayed on the Artifact. If the Artifact is taken by a guildless player, then the player’s faction emblem will be displayed.

Using the Artifact

Artifacts are a crucial part of fortress sieges. Artifacts are taken by factions to access the powerful area of effect skills within them. For those assaulting a fortress, the Artifact skills can play a vital role in penetrating the fortress defences. For those defending their fortresses, it is best if you don’t allow the other factions to take control of these Artifacts. To use an Artifact skill, you must have the required amount of Artifact Activation Stones.

These stones cannot be bought from any of the shops. Instead the recipe to craft the stone must be purchased form the Abyss Consumable Rewards NPC, and the stone can be crafted through the use of the alchemy profession. An alchemy level of 199 is requires to learn this recipe. The below table lists the materials required to build an Artifact Activation Stone. Having the necessary amount of Artifact Activation Stones will allow the Artifact Activation button to be available. Clicking on the button will start the skill activation animation and the Artifact skill will be cast. Moving or being attacked during the Artifact activation will cancel the skill cast. The recast times are different for the Artifacts depending on the skill types. Like fortresses, Artifacts can be captured by Legions, however, if the Artifact Defender is killed by a player not belonging to a Legion, then the Artifact will be owned by the whole faction that the player belongs to. When an Artifact is under a Legion’s control, only the Legion Master may activate the Artifact by default. By changing the member rights/privileges, the guild officers can also activate Artifacts. When an Artifact belongs to a whole faction, any player of that faction is able to activate that Artifact.


Aion Rift is the portal between Elyos and Asmodians, the Rift randomly appears in the maps(>Level 20). Through the Rift, Elyos or Asmodians can enter in the land of opposite faction, it’s the only way to pvp except Abyss, of course you can only use it to collect materials, do quests or go to common instances.
These rifts are a bit tricky since you need to pay attention when one spawns and get to it in a certain amount of time to enter it, otherwise it DE-spawns. Thererifts will hold for a limited period of time and has some certain rules that they obey to .
Some rules about the Rift:

  • Appear randomly, but in a certain area
  • The number of Rifts that appear in the same time is 2~6
  • Time Limit, Number of Players Limit and Level Limit
  • The Rift has entrance and exit, but it’s a unidirectional path
  • There is a system announcement for all players in the map when a Rift appears
  • There are 14 Rift Points in a map, 7 for aggression and 7 for defense


This subject is a pretty delicate one, if everything until now was good , here you will need nerves of steel. The main fact is being a oriental game its on the same thinking and crafting will take a lot of your time and kinah to improve your skill.

You can pick from 6 major professions and the skill range is something like :

  • Lesser: level 1 – 99
  • Regular: 100 – 199
  • Greater: 200 – 299
  • Expert: 300 – 399
  • Master: 400 – 450

The professions available are the following :

  • Alchemy
  • Armorsmithing
  • Cooking
  • Handicrafting
  • Sewing
  • Weaponsmithing

Aion Work Orders

Each Profession Master starts by giving the player 1 Work Order. It requires a skill of level 1 in order to accept the first Work Order. For the first Work Order the NPC will supply all of the materials required to craft what he asks for. Players will gain skill ups for crafting the items he requires but not for turning in the actual quest. When your Tradeskill reaches level 10 you will be able to accept a new Work Order.
The one at level 10 requires you to buy some materials of your own and of course is a little harder to make. However, the chance of getting a skill up from it is much more likely. When you reach level 20, you will be able to accept another Work Order that requires even more of your own materials to make. This process will repeat itself the higher your skill gets. Players can use Work Orders to raise their Profession Skills all the way up to max. However It is not as easy as it sounds. The higher you get, the more expensive the “excess” items you have to buy are making it one long Money/Time sink. (As with every other game). Something new and innovative with Aion is that when you successfully craft you will gain XP. Not XP towards increasing your skill but actual XP that will progress you through your level.

Things to Note About Work Orders

As you raise your skill in that craft everything will become more and more expensive You will be able to use Work Orders from 1 to Max Skill. You can repeat Work Orders as many times as you want You can NOT request more materials for your Work Order. If you fail too many times you will be required to abandon your Work Order and reaccept it.


When crafting in Aion you have a chance to “proc” an item. What this means is you will originally be crafting say white(in quality) pants. Then they proc into Green(in quality) pants. When it procs it improves the stats and quality level of the item. You can also proc a Green item into a Blue item and so on and so forth until the item level cannot be improved or you can’t use it in a craft. You can tell you proc’d an item because the items name will turn green and the icon of it while crafting it will flash. After this happens you will continue to create the item like normal.


There are two gathering skills in Aion. Players begin the game with just the general gathering skill ranked 1 of 99. Upon completion of the ascension quest, the player receives the aerial gathering skill. This allows the player to gather any node with a required skill rank of 1, while the maximum achievable rank before obtaining further training is 99. When a skill reaches maximum rank players may purchase additional training in the skill. This system applies to both gathering and crafting. So then lets answer that nagging question, how does a player rank-up skills? The simplest answer is to level a skill by using it, though there is a little more to it. The most basic aspect to understand, is how general gathering from resource nodes works. Whenever a node is activated the player receives a pop-up box that displays the current skill rank, the item received upon success, and two bars representing success or failure. As the gathering process begins, a series of successes and failures are represented via progression of the two bars. The extent to which a success or failure progresses either bar is determined by your skill rank in relation to the required rank for that node. If the player’s skill rank is the same as that required to gather a given node, then there is about a 33% chance to fail the entire process.

Skill Rank

Skill Rank

This chapter there is nothing new, same basic mechanics as all other games we are used too, just a bit named changed.

Enhancing items allows you to customize your armor and weapons in order to fulfill your role within the world of Atreia. There are several ways you can enhance weapons and armor. The first is through Socketing Manastones; second with Enchantment Stones, and third with Godstones. Each type of enhancement affects the item it is placed on differently. Manastones add a particular attribute to an item, such as Hit Points, Crit chance, and more. Enchantment Stones increase specific attributes of an item depending on what type of item it is. Godstones add abilities to weapons that have a chance to affect the target with each attack.

Enchantment stones, unlike manastones, improve specific attributes on weapons and armor based on
the type of item they are applied to. These add a plus to the item they are applied to and can be used
several times over to continuously improve the item they affect. To find enchantment stones, one must use a set of Extraction Tools on an item. This will destroy the item but will give you 1 or more enhancment stones. The level of these stones will be based on the level of the item they are extracted from. The higher the level of stone used in comparison to the item they are used on, less likely the enchant will fail.
However, if an item is already enchanted and an attempt is made to enchant it further and the attempt fails, the item will lose one level of enchantment.

White Item = Item’s Level +1-10 Levels
Green Item = Item’s Level +5-20 Levels
Blue Item = Item’s Level +15-40 Levels
Orange Item = Item’s Level +30-50 Levels

Chest = +6 Physical Defense per level
Legs = +5 Physical Defense per level
Pauldron = +4 Physical Defense per level
Gloves = +4 Physical Defense per level
Boots = +4 Physical Defense per level

Chest = +5 Physical Defense per level
Legs = +4 Physical Defense per level
Pauldron = +3 Physical Defense per level
Gloves = +3 Physical Defense per level
Boots = +3 Physical Defense per level

Chest = +4 Physical Defense per level
Legs = +3 Physical Defense per level
Pauldron = +2 Physical Defense per level
Gloves = +2 Physical Defense per level
Boots = +2 Physical Defense per level

Chest = +3 Physical Defense per level
Legs = +2 Physical Defense per level
Pauldron = +1 Physical Defense per level
Gloves = +1 Physical Defense per level
Boots = +1 Physical Defense per level

Polearm = +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level
Greatsword = +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level
Bows = +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level
Staff = +3 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Magic Boost per level
Sword = +2 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level
Dagger = +2 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level
Mace = +3 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Magic Boost per level
Orb = +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Magic Boost per level
Spellbook = +3 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Magic Boost per level

Shield = +2% Damage Reduction per level


Socketing armor and weapons gives you a wide variety of attributes that will affect your character.
These effects can be anything from extra health or mana, to how often you critically hit or how accurate
you are. These items can be found on most creatures throughout Atreia and, in some cases, can be traded in for other manastones by a repeatable quest. In order to add a manastone to an item the item must have an empty manastone slot available. Once a slot is available simply right click the mana stone and mouse over the item you wish to enhance, then left click the item. An animation will begin along with a timer. If you are successful, the manastone and its buff will now be listed in that item’s attributes.

Godstones are the last type of enhancement that can be added to an item. However, these can
only be socketed to weapons. Once applied to a weapon, the Godstone gives it the ability to affect
an enemy in a variety of ways depending on the Godstone used. In order to add a Godstone to a weapon, one must visit the Godstone vendor in Sanctum or Pandeamonium. Once there drag and drop the weapon you wish to enhance into the Godstone Socket Target slot. Then drag the Godstone you
wish to apply into the Godstone Socket Info slot. You will then see the description of the effect that
will be placed on the weapon as well as the cost to apply the Godstone. If you are sure you wish to enhance the weapon with the chosen Godstone hit the “Okay” button.

Titles in Aion are different then most titles in other games. While a title is to show an accomplishment and achievement you’ve made they also provide useful bonuses that give you a small advantage in Aion.

AION provides the most wonderful music yet and music implementation, each region of the vast world of Atreia has its own music and sound theme which make it pretty impressive if you will see the massive world that awaits you; furthermore you will be very pleasant surprised with the combat mechanics in sound. Let me elaborate , each time you attack a mob depending on your location a new combat sound theme will start to play in the background adding to a more intense experience and making grinding mobs as pleasant as it possibly can be.

All these features make AION the most complex and wonderful online mmo-rpg game at the moment, the producers set out to make something new and appealing to the mases and they delivered a almost perfect product here, unlike its predecessors Age of Conan and Warhammer, AION is the only one that in my opinion has a chance of dethroning WoW and its supremacy on the online race. In all aspects, having wings , having a PVPVE environment , brilliant quests , brilliant storyline , cinematics in game, the whole world , the perfect customization and awesome graphics make it in my book the best mmo out there.
I hope I was able to give you some sort of “feeling” to this new game and helped you make a decision about this title. Good speed and have fun !!!

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