Zombieland poster

Zombieland poster

Today we have a comedy horror movie launched by the name of Zombieland. Director Ruben Fleischer get the credit for this fine movie and I got to admit from all the movie out there with zombie, bee it Resident Evil or really odd ones like Planet Terror, this movie out tops them all.

Its not that they have great special effects nor the story is a really good one but the way its depicted makes the most sense out of them all; imagine that the world is at a end as you know it, a lethal virus mutated and transformed humans into mindless flesh eating zombies, in this way its kinda odd to do what every movie does and say that there is a spot that the virus didn’t reach and things like this because if it was global then everything was touched. So in that way the director aborted a new approach to this and made like a journal on how to survive in zombie land. This is where our Columbus came along (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and he was one of the lucky survivors of the wave of terror that came, and by doing so he had a few good set-up rules which helped him survive the zombies; off course all of these rules are on a highly funny bases presented and the comedy part of the movie is always present.

In addition to all of this Woody Harrelson playing as Tallahassee also contributes very much to the feeling of the movie; he is a lone kinda rider that has the most biggest hatred for the zombies and is like a major league hero killing zombies by the dozen, in other words he was very good at killing zombies. The two meet at a certain point and from the start they are totally different one from another and thats another aspect that spices up the movie.

The chemistry they have is somewhat tense but when you have like so few survivors out there you need to stick together so they undergo a sort of trip together and along the way the pick up Wichita (played by Emma Stone) and Little Rock (played by Abigail Breslin); the 2 turn out to be a handful robbing them twice and leaving them in the wind because the girls had trust issues. Also in the movie there is another good name Bill Murray as himself , a part of the movie that is very entertaining when he appears and you get loads of laughters out… .

The movie itself teaches a very good point and that is to “Enjoy the Little things in life”, because some day when all hope is robbed away from you those small acts are the only ones giving you strength; like Tallahassee, all the movie he is bent on getting a Twinkie and bad luck has it that all along the way he doesn’t find one but he has to hold onto something so he doesn’t go crazy.

The movie is action packed along with laughters and good jokes that will undoubtedly make it worth while to see this picture and recommend it to another friend as a movie with zombies totally different from what we are used to.


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