Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Transformers: Revenge Fallen Poster

Transformers: Revenge Fallen Poster

The much anticipated sequel of Transformers has finally arrived and Revenge of the Fallen takes on a whole new approach to the movie, boosting its special effects and action to a high new level hopping to gather more fans along the way.

The main characters are still the same with the addition to a few new comers but nothing worth mentioning from the human side but worth from the Autobots, their forces have been increased with new models like the Sidewinder and the RC twins as well as the Decepticons who have now Soundwave and The Fallen, with is their leader. In this part we get introduced from second 1 to a full action packet scene in which we are blowout up with fight scenes and special effects with a high pursuit of some decepticons, ending up with their defeat but also with a warning “The Fallen Shall Rise Again!”. Although we don’t get additional information right away the director quickly gives us the clues to what will happened next and how most of the movie will unfold.

Even tho I enjoyed this movie and really appreciated the special effects I count say it was a memorial movie that I will enjoy to watch it again nor to give it too much praise, because like all the modern sequels it seems that the only thing the directors do is to pump more the action and tweak the effects. In the whole movie, event tho I watched it recently, the only memorial scene I remember was when Optimus Prime was killed. The whole story fit in well except some parts from the cube but still wasn’t enough for a lasting title.

All in all if you like full action movies and loads of special effects, blowing up cars and seeing mayhem unfold in dense populated areas in a very SF way then this would be a perfect movie for you. But if you want a bit more then that then you should consider another movie since this would satisfy your “hunger”.


And a small gallery of pictures, from movie premiere, for fans:

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