Iron Man 2 – Upcoming on 7 May 2010

Iron Man 2 Poster

Iron Man 2 Poster

Long awaited Iron Man 2 is set up to be the blast of the summer in just a few weeks time, in this sequel the director and cast crew promised more action, more laughter and plenty of metal armored battles to keep you on your toes all the time.

Tony Starks finds himself again being the most beloved and richest man in the world, but as he tends to steer his company from manufacturing weapons to something nobler not all eyes see his path as the wise one and conflict on interests soon arise.

One of the interesting additions to Iron Man 2 is … you guessed it another Iron Man played by James Rhodes who is Tony’s best friend, together being placed in the most incredible adventures against Justin Hammer, Whiplash who was a victim of Tony Starks weapons.

So the movie has it all and from the trailer you can only wait filled with anticipation on what will be …


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