Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans Poster

Clash of the Titans Poster

In this remake of the classic movie, Clash of the Titans follows Persius, half god half man, as he is out for revenge for the evil god Hades who killed his family. Along the way he encounters several mythological creatures and has a lot of adventures that you might know from the book.

There are a lot of big names, from the performance point of view, starting with Sam Worthington, the actor that stared in Avatar. Something like Russell Crowe – Gladiator and Jason Staten mixture, that is Sam and is beautiful acting in this movie. He is an ambitious Percius and much more driven. Also Gemma Arterton is a beauty to look at and off course Liam Neeson brings that extra edge as Zeus and he is rocking in a shiny new armor and Ray Fins is channeling a endless rage for the humans in a outstanding way, in one word the actor cast is a perfect one with big names and plenty to show off.

The story was a bit re-written like the people Persius meets along the way, the creatures also in parallel to the first movie it has for every creature that wasn’t shown others that are more memorable and thanks to technology will definitely make your eyes be fully pleased.

Also in remembrance of the old movie this remake has a deeper plot and the narrative moments are always keeping you tight to the screen, never letting you get bored for 1 second. Now for the bad part, this movie was shot in 2D like all the conventional movies out there, but due to the great success of Avatar it was rushed to 3D in the final stage, thing that isn’t suppose to be done so quickly and in my opinion is not worth watching in 3D, save your money and watch it in 2D, you won’t regret it.

The director Louis Leterrier wanted a nonstop action movie that will appeal to the most of the young crowd out there, families also wanting to see the story of Persius but since the action is relentless you will not have the chance to get to know the characters very good, not to mention that the secondary characters are almost eclipsed and you won’t get out from them to much things. Thus like most of the remakes now a days you will like this movie if you’re passionate about Greek Mythology and decent graphics paired with nonstop action scenes, but don’t expect anything deeper than that or you will be upset.


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