Banlieue 13 – Ultimatum

Banlieue 13 also known as District 13, is the sequel to the movie that brought the sport of park-tour to the big screens. Well if you think that in the second part there will be much more flying around and more amazing acrobatics… I got to warn you that you will be more then disappointed. The movie started well and the story was a good one, basically a high ranking official had plans to destroy the whole district 13 to make way for a mega structure, but there is the hard part of getting everyone out and the local residents weren’t known for their hospitality so they devised a plant to frame a cop killing in the district to start a civil unrest.



As they put out in working the plan, when the bad guys shot the cops they were filmed by some students by accident. Quickly after they set up their plant the civil unrest became more and more a real thing and a big threat. This is where our main character comes into place Leïto was a friend with the students that filmed the evidence that the whole incident was actually framed and they turned to him to get that information out because they were being followed.

You might say that everything is OK until now, but the truth is that beside some action scenes that you can see in almost any modern movie the film didn’t brought nothing new; the part it was absolutely good and and being new to big screens park-tour was absolutely absent there were some scenes with jumping out and to buildings but honestly nothing really impressive like in the first movie. But what they did was to ruin the whole screenplay and veridicity of the movie exactly at the end when they had like a power rangers moment in which several drug lords, explosive masters and gang members worked together to save the district and at the final step they said one by one what it means to be a family. Well that just seemed to me to be a absurd and stupid thing to put in a action movie, several drug lords and gang members to teach a politician what means to be a family … how weird is that they were presented at that start of the movie as mortal enemies each with their own turf and now after just a few hours together they were friends for life.

Another very weird thing is that after disarming the last foe and saving the day … they when on destroying the district anyway to build a new happy place; in that thinking why didn’t they just left the district be destroyed in the first place… but I guess thats it almost every sequel of a once good movie is doomed to be worst the the first one and it cannot arr-rise to the high it set in the beginning. I would recommend you re watch the first movie then to see this one 🙂


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