Another Avatar Review

Truly a name that needs no further information, a multimillion dollar budget can do that sometimes, not to say that all good movies are expensive ones but they tend to be like that in this day and age.

Director James Cameron tried and succeeded, to create a whole new world called Pandora a lush and dense forest like planet that is teaming with life. And off course our greedy nature sees only the $$ signs from it and they undertook a massive operation of harvesting a rare stone there that is worth millions. Well that’s the basic plot line of the movie, and it doesn’t go further then that; yes the director tries to set the story with a romantic but forbidden love between the main character Sam Worthington playing as Jake Sully, human, with Zoe Saldana playing as Neytiri, who is the native alien race there called the Naavi. And by having unlimited resources at his disposal they really created a impressive landscape from scrap and really went into the fantasy world; a thing that only helped the movie because it had also a 3D version of it and people picked that one due to the intense colors and action scenes that in 3D look amazing (if you going to watch the 3D version take care, myself after one hour had a terrible headache and the movie is well over 2 hours).

The plot of the movie surrounds the main character Jake in his attempt to communicate with the local population throw genetically bred bodies called Avatars; most of the story follows him in his avatar body learning and studying the “aliens” and by a twist of the fate he gets accepted in the clan and gets to be trained for the trials of becoming a full member. A lot of interesting things happened and the imagination of the writers really pays of here when you will see and experience new things beyond your imagination but also see what the human side is capable of and the destruction it undoubtedly does to its surroundings.

So what is all the fuss about this movie, well I can honestly say that the publicity to it was well over rated and apart from being an impressive special effects action movie I didn’t see anything special about it. Even the love story within was the year old fashioned one, forbidden love that conquers all and passes all boundaries. I guess I was expecting more from the director of The Titanic, and was a bit disappointed when I got out of the theater, but all in all it is a good movie and worth checking out, but if you want something deep and surprisingly good check out The Hurt Locker from the ex wife of James Cameron, that made the movie with 5% of the budged of Avatar.


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