Far Cry 2

After a while Ubisoft released the sequel to FarCry, and from the beginning I can tell you this is a really bad and even worst game that I could have imagine from a respectable company like ubisoft and even more for the sequel of farcry. From the start I can tell you that the only good thing about the game is its graphical engine and the way they depicted Africa, it really emerges you in an amazing world and the engine will squeeze every drop from it. But now to the downside, the storyline is close to none very little with politically-charged setting you get thrown in the middle of it and not to many things are explained, it may be due to the poor story. Also the huge traveling distances will not always be to your pleasure that being said the game gets really boring after a very short time and you will soon find yourself deleting it. My personal opinion Ubisoft screwed this up big time, what should have become a great title they rushed it into a mindless game.

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